How many couples will be in our Marriage & Couple’s Retreat?
Only one couple at a time, so Dr. Wylie can focus on each couple’s specific needs.

Are there group retreats?
Seldom does Dr. Wylie provide group retreats anymore. She sees the true benefit of working with one couple at a time so they can truly transform their relationship for the better and have their personal needs, concerns and desires addressed.

What’s included in the Marriage Preparation Retreat?
Dr. Wylie sees a magnificent benefit of couples applying communication skills before getting married. Therefore she recommends couples do a five day Marriage Preparation Retreat, which will also include an online PREPARE Inventory before attending the retreat.

Does the Marriage & Couple’s Retreat include lodging and meals?
No, it doesn’t. All couples arrange their own lodging and can find lodging suggestions on the Idyllwild page. Meals can be eaten out or cooked in if you rent a cabin with a kitchen. The town also has two B&B’s that include a delicious and full breakfast.

Why is it suggested we eat a hearty breakfast before our morning sessions with Dr. Wylie?
It’s not unusual for sessions to start at 10:00 a.m. and not end until 1:00 p.m., so it’s good for couples to show up at their sessions well nourished and ready to go to work.

What will be served during our sessions?
Water, tea and coffee will be available for all sessions. Feel free to bring a snack if you would like or a specialty coffee drink you can pick up at the Alpaca Coffee & Tea and Pure Bean Idy.

How long are each of the sessions with Dr. Wylie?
You can count on your sessions going from two to three hours. On rare occasions they may go a little longer, if time is needed to fulfill an exercise and/or discussion.

How do I find out what retreat dates are available?
The calendar on the website is updated on a regular basis. Retreats are listed as: “available” meaning that the date is open and there is a very good opportunity that you can secure it after confirming with Dr. Wylie; “booked” means the dates are already taken; “pending” indicates that someone has requested the date and has not yet secured the date, so you can still inquire about the possibilities of those dates.

How to Reserve a $500 deposit to hold retreat date?

First, contact Dr. Wylie, to confirm a date that works for both of you at (602)743-4775 (phone or text), or Email. The only way to truly reserve/book your retreat is by making your payment on the Investment page. You may choose to make your payment through PayPal or a credit card. Put in the amount based on the online prices listed on the Investment page.

How’s the best way to contact Dr. Wylie to reserve/book our retreat?
The best way to reach Dr. Wylie is by Email or by calling or texting  Email or call/text (602-743-4775)

What if I’m not sure if a Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat is for us or I’m having trouble getting my partner on board to commit to a retreat?
Dr. Wylie offers a complimentary call for both you and your partner, with no obligation to sign up. Some couples need additional time of a Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat before taking the leap of faith. Also, the website is compelling and good for both you and your partner to read the benefits and pleasures that go into the best Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat in Idyllwild.`

I’m struggling in getting my partner / spouse to sign-up, can I come by myself?
Absolutely. Even having one the partners in the marriage/relationship making improvements will help to improve that relationship. Explore the benefits of a Personal Intensive Retreat. Also, when one person decides and commits to a retreat, often the other follows.

If I come without my partner or I’m single and want to improve my relationship what will I be learning?
In 2003, Dr. Wylie developed a successful program to elaborate the foundation of loving relationships. This in itself is a life-changing workbook journaling series; one for women (Journey to Love was developed in 2003) and one for men (Summit of Your Potential). During your Personal Intensive Retreat you’ll be working on yourself, which will enhance every aspect of your life. This is done as a five-day retreat, because of the extensive exploring, writing and enlightenment guided by Dr. Wylie. Some individuals actually  choose to do a private retreat first, followed by a Marriage & Couple’s Retreat.

Are weekend retreats available?
Weekend retreats are not the norm because Dr. Wylie has over twenty years experience in working with couples and has developed the best one-of-a-kind five-day Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat with a very positive outcome. Dr. Wylie will not compromise her time or her couples time to give them less than what is “essential” to create a life changing experience. The program is “priceless” and has assisted thousands of couples reignite love and desire for one another and experience a deeper love than they ever had before. Weekend Renewals for returning couples and individuals can be scheduled for Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

Where is Idyllwild located?
Idyllwild is located in Riverside County, SW of Palm Springs, and a short two-hour drive from San Diego, Los Angeles or Orange County or an hour drive from Palm Springs. Both highway 74 and 243 take you up the Hill to magical Idyllwild.

What airport should I fly into?
If coming more than a half-day drive, the airports in order of closeness are: Palm Springs (PSP), Ontario (ONT), John Wayne (SNA) in Orange County, San Diego (SAN) and (LAX) in Los Angeles.

Why is Idyllwild so special?
Idyllwild provides a healing environment and many experience the peaceful ambiance during their visits. It’s a charming little artsy village a mile high in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains, among tall ponderosa pines, massive oaks and sweet smelling cedar trees. It provides numerous hiking trails, art galleries, gift shops and many superb restaurants. Often offering visitor attractions, such as concerts in the park, jazz festivals, art/wine walks, community events and a theater with current movie releases. Lodging options are numerous and varied from the luxurious Grand Lodge B&B to rustic cabins in the woods. Idyllwild has a population of less than 4,000. It is a wonder that many people still don’t know about it, even those living in Southern California. Come discover the enchantment, as you transform your relationship/marriage and life for the better.

We have very serious problems in our relationship / marriage and I’m not sure the Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat is for us or if we even can be helped by Dr. Wylie?
Dr. Wylie has specialized in assisting couples in crisis and has successfully provided transformation with couples who: argue a great deal and have trouble communicating; have had an affair or one-night stand; lie to one another and don’t share personal information; have filed for divorce or currently separated; no longer have sex or share intimacy; lost trust, and had lack of respect and equality, along with control issue; are suffering emotional abuse in the marriage and do not know how to communicate and work through the conflict; have betrayal and abandonment issues, low self-esteem and neediness, fear of commitment; and even those with current restraining orders. Refer to the Review page to read of other couple’s issues and their outcome after attending a five-day Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat.

Are the retreats for all marriages and couples?
Dr. Wylie has not turned anyone away that is open and willing to dedicate time, positive intention and devotion in transforming their relationship, along with financial commitment. She sees couples of all stages and phases of their relationship/marriage, as well as any race, creed, color, national origin, religion and sexual preference.

Are the retreats religious or faith based?
The retreats are not generally religious or faith based, yet can be implemented upon request as non-denomination in faith, spirituality and/or Christianity.

What changes in my relationship/marriage should I expect during the Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat?
You’ll receive as much as you put into your commitment, time and desire to transform yourself and your relationship. Read what other couples have experienced on the Review page. In short you have the strong probability of: (1) growing more intimately connected to your partner than you’ve ever been; (2) learning positive communication skills that will help you work through issues, conflict and challenges for the rest of your lives; (3) and reconnecting in a delightful and fun way are just a few of the things you can look forward to in the Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat.

What education/therapy modality is implemented during the “Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat”?
The five-day Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat is unique in itself and is based on thirty years of research, education, experience and training completed by Dr. Wylie. Currently, there is no other marriage and couple’s retreat exactly like it. The Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat is unique in following ways: (1) couples are taught effective communication skills that they can implement for a lifetime; (2) retreats are one-on-one with Dr. Wylie to meet the needs and concerns of each couple; (3) couples work through their own issues and challenges using their new communication skills, as Dr. Wylie coaches them in the process; (4) couples leave the five- day retreat having a sense of confidence and capability of working through future challenges and issues on their own; (5) even though Dr. Wylie is a psychologist, only about 25% of therapy is applied when necessary; (6) follow-up phone calls are provided and included after the retreat to reinforce new skills. Her philosophy is to teach couples what they need to know to have a lifetime of happy, healthy, secure, trustworthy and loving relationship/marriage.

What education/therapy modality is implemented during the “Personal Intensive Retreat”?
The five-dayPersonal Intensive Retreat is unique in itself and is based on thirty years of research, education, experience and training completed by Dr. Wylie. Currently, there is no other individual retreats exactly like it. The Personal Intensive Retreat is unique in following ways: (1) individuals with the insightful guidance of Dr. Wylie will be writing and healing their own life story – past, present and future, through a step-by-step workbook journaling guide; (2) retreats are one-on-one with Dr. Wylie to implement needs and concerns of each person; (3) individuals will have the opportunity to work through their own issues and challenges that have kept them stuck in the past; (4) even though Dr. Wylie is a psychologist only about 25% of therapy is applied when necessary; (5) four follow-up phone calls are provided and included after the retreat to reinforce lasting decisions and commitments. Her philosophy is to teach others what they need to know to have a lifetime of happy, healthy, secure, trustworthy and loving relationships and lifetime of success.

What is required before attending a retreat?

  • After you’ve secured your retreat date you’ll receive an email with a Pre-Retreat Form to fill out and return before arriving in Idyllwild. This provides valuable information to Dr. Wylie in preparing for your retreat and to personalize the retreat to your needs, as well as setting your own intentions.
  • It’s suggested to set high intentions you would like to accomplish on your retreat.
  • It’s also recommended to make your lodging arrangements as soon as possible, since Idyllwild is a popular resort town.

Currently we don’t have time to attend a five-day Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat, are there other options?

Dr. Wylie has been facilitating this program for decades, as well as training other professionals nationally and internationally in the communication program she implements. She knows the ropes and the outcome, and she desires for every couple to experience success. The program she has developed is for the greater good of the couples she services. She recommends striving to find a time both partners can take off work (get a sitter if necessary) and dedicate a week to their relationship and marriage. Dr. Wylie has created a “vacation for your relationship” and a schedule and environment that has been tested, tried, and true. If you’re looking for a program to turn your relationship/marriage for the better, this is it, and you won’t be disappointed. If it’s necessary to make the retreat work for you as a couple and it’s possible for Dr. Wylie, extended weekends can be considered, so less time away from work and home and still includes 5 sessions. You’ll create a memorable week that will provide a lifetime of joy, happiness, security and love.

I can’t possibly commit to five-day retreat now, Are there other options or resources I can look into?
​Absolutely. Dr. Wylie had her own community nonprofit in Southern California for many years and has provided various resources through federal funding. Relationship Research Foundation is now run and operated by Don and Alex Flecky who offer a program, plus the below websites will guide you to other marriage programs, some of them being free.

If you still haven’t had your questions answered please email Dr. Wylie or call/text her at

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