Where we specialize in empowering couples to cultivate profound connections. Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Idyllwild, our mission is to enrich relationships through exceptional retreats, expert counseling, and vibrant communication strategies.

Led by the seasoned expertise of Dr. M.P. Wylie, with over two decades of experience, we bring a touch of California’s comforting elegance to the realm of love and intimacy. Our commitment is to infuse relationships with vitality, using evidence-based practices to ensure enduring closeness.

Picture a journey of renewed love and understanding, set against the tranquil splendor of mountain landscapes. At Amore Retreat, we provide the perfect canvas for couples to rediscover and strengthen their bonds. Welcome to a haven where love is nurtured with precision and care.


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About Dr.M.P


Dr. M.P. Wylie brings over 35 years of expertise in relationship building through education, research, and extensive training. As the Founding Director of Amore Retreat Idyllwild (ARI), she specializes in transformative Five-Day Intensive Marital/Couples’ Retreats. Driven by a passion for helping couples in crisis, Dr. Wylie is a certified Relationship Enhancement® (RE) Marital/Couples Trainer/Educator/Leader, attributing the program to a 95% positive outcome in improving communication and intimacy.

A published author with works like “Journey to Love” and “Summit of Your Potential,” Dr. Wylie holds dual Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Human Resources from Ottawa University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the Union Institute. Actively involved in organizations like Healthy Relationships California and the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education, she founded the Relationship Research Foundation (RRF), a nonprofit that successfully managed federal funding for evidence-based programs benefiting over 7,000 families.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Wylie takes pride in training over a thousand professionals nationally and internationally in communication, relationship, parenting, and self-development programs. For the past decade, she has provided personalized Five-Day Intensive Marital/Couple Retreats in the scenic setting of Idyllwild, California, focusing on Relationship Enhancement Skills. Dr. Wylie, now a full-time resident of Idyllwild,finds joy with her loving husband Jim, shared family time, outdoor activities, writing, and her adorable Maltipoo, Bentlee.

In summary, Dr. M.P. Wylie is a seasoned professional dedicated to fostering love and understanding in relationships, impacting individuals and families through her expertise, retreats, and extensive training programs.

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Amore Retreat

Idyllwild Story

Nestled in the captivating charm of Idyllwild, Amore Retreat welcomes you to a haven surrounded by towering pines, majestic mountains, and the soothing scent of cedar trees. This quaint retreat, blessed with four delightful seasons, offers a serene escape. As you wander through the enchanting village, nearby Strawberry Creek flows gently, while a short drive are lakes Hemet and Fulmor beckon with their tranquility.

Dr. Wylie’s love affair with Idyllwild began in 2006, a love so deep that it led her to establish a haven for marriage and couple’s retreats. The initial idea of a B&B retreat evolved into a more profound calling – a commitment to guide couples and individuals through life transformations. Now, in her cozy home, Dr. Wylie, along with her loving husband, offers a warm and private space where couples find solace and security.

Your journey starts with your designated parking space and a walkway adorned with a gentle water feature and an impressive grand oak tree. Passing through the double French doors, Dr. Wylie personally greets you, marking the beginning of your private retreat experience.

In winter, a crackling fireplace awaits, while in summer, a gentle breeze drifts through open windows. The Keurig stands ready to brew your coffee or tea, and a private restroom ensures your comfort. Settle into the embrace of a large leather Chesterfield sofa, where you can seamlessly blend work and relaxation in this beautiful loving and secure environment.

Welcome to Amore Retreat, where the essence of Idyllwild comfort meets the promise of transformative experiences.