Marriage Preparation


Embark on a journey to fortify the foundation of your future together in a week-long Marriage Preparation Retreat, meticulously crafted by the esteemed Dr. Wylie. Imagine gifting each other the assurance of a lasting, secure, trusting, loving, and blissful marriage.

As you envision a lifetime of happiness and a harmonious home to nurture your family, consider the invaluable communication skills imparted during this retreat – skills not typically taught in upbringing, schools, or elsewhere. Why leave the success of your marriage to chance when you can enter it armed with these remarkable tools?

Challenges are inevitable, especially when moving in together, sharing responsibilities, managing finances, and navigating the intricacies of parenting. Wouldn’t you prefer to proactively address potential disagreements, challenges, and issues before they arise? This retreat offers you a unique opportunity to confidently tackle unforeseen hurdles, such as family dynamics, holiday plans, financial planning, and more.

Don't wait until challenges strain your relationship; seize the chance to spend a glorious week:

Foundations of Bliss:

-Exploring and enhancing your relationship.

-Focusing on the positive attributes you both bring.

-Reveling in the joy of planning your wedding.

-Growing more intimately connected than you imagined.

-Learning communication skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

Anticipate achieving the following during your Marriage Preparation Retreat:

-Strategies to navigate future challenges and differences.

-Clear parenting plans for new or blended families.

-Financial budgeting for the future.

-Prioritizing elements in your relationship.

-Sustainable ways to keep love alive.

-Techniques to divorce-proof your marriage.

-Take a moment to celebrate the decision to gift yourselves the best marriage ever.

Must Haves!

Once you secure a date through Dr. Wylie and make your online payment:

1-Reserve lodging based on recommendations on the Idyllwild page.

2-Arrange any travel needs, such as flights and car rentals.

3-Complete the provided pre-retreat form and return it to Dr. Wylie.

4-Independently undertake the pre-marriage inventory provided by Dr. Wylie.

Experience five transformative days:

Start with a hearty breakfast at your B&B, cabin, or one of Idyllwild’s charming restaurants.

Spend two to three hours daily with Dr. Wylie, learning and applying new communication skills.

Enjoy lunch out or plan a scenic picnic.
Engage in fun activities such as hiking, visiting the Nature Center, creating art at Earth & Fire, indulging in a couple’s massage, exploring gift shops and art galleries, beer and wine tasting, or enjoying a relaxing nap.

Undertake short reading assignments and exercises to reinforce new communication skills, typically taking an hour a day.

Choose between dining at fine local restaurants or preparing a meal together if you opt for a cabin rental.

Wind down the evening with a movie at the Rustic Theater, solve a puzzle, play cards or a board game, and marvel at the night sky adorned with millions of bright stars.

Make this week not just educational but also a “vacation for your relationship” – immerse yourselves in each other, leaving behind work, phones, and wedding plans. Invest in your future by creating moments that are not only instructive but also joyous.

A Gift...

Consider this Marriage Preparation Retreat as the most precious pre-wedding gift. If budget constraints arise, suggest it as a remarkable wedding gift from parents or inquire about our Military discount and potential Grants. The investment will be your enduring contribution to a future filled with love, happiness, and a thriving family.

Note: Check the calendar for available dates, fill out the Contact Form, call or text (602) 743-4775, or email Dr. Wylie to set your Marriage Preparation Retreat date. Secure your date by making an online investment; a $500 deposit holds and secures your chosen date.