Marriage & Couple's


Indulge in the Best Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat in the heart of California…

In the midst of life’s relentless demands, relationships often bear the brunt of the chaos. Recognizing this, the esteemed Dr. Wylie has crafted a five-day Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat, tailored for both married and non-married couples alike. This immersive experience not only offers a romantic escape but also comprises powerful couple sessions, transformative communication skills, opportunities to navigate challenges, engaging activities, and crucially, moments of relaxation for both the body and soul.

This five-day intensive journey provides ample time to address significant concerns and unresolved issues within your relationship. Guided by Dr. Wylie in a secure environment, couples embark on a profound exploration of their connection.

"Relationships are an investment of your time, effort,

energy and trust. If done well, they promise great returns"

Reflect on your relationship

-Do you yearn for more closeness and intimacy?

-Have you been hurt by your partner’s infidelity?

-Are you feeling lost, alone, or bored in your marriage?

-Do frustration or anger mar your relationship?

-Unsure if reconciliation is possible?

-Finding it challenging to solve unsettled issues?

-Caught in a cycle of arguing, criticism, flooding, and stonewalling?

-Navigating separate lives?

-Contemplating separation or divorce?

-Simply wanting to renew and grow closer to your partner?

If any of these resonate with you, take heart — you’re not alone. The transformative experience of the Best Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat begins changing your relationship for the better from the very first day. Acquire new skills that significantly enhance communication and overall relationship dynamics.

In times of crisis, many couples find that the traditional one-hour-a-week counseling model falls short. Fragile relationships can’t afford to wait a week between sessions. Dr. Wylie’s approach involves three-hour sessions, providing ample time for defensive walls to crumble, root issues to surface, and solutions to emerge. The result? Both partners leave feeling happy and satisfied.

Rediscover the love, energy, happiness, and romance within your relationship through a personalized marriage & couple’s retreat in the serene and picturesque Idyllwild.

The Marriage & Couple's Intensive Retreat encompasses

Opportunities for Open Dialogue:
Discuss problems and strengths in your relationship.

Personal Background Review:
Explore personal histories and experiences, including your journey as a couple.

Awareness Building:
Experience each other’s thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires, fostering problem-solving skills and deeper intimacy.

Love and Forgiveness Exploration: Understand how personality differences can enhance your relationship, leading to love and forgiveness.

Journey Through Relationship Stages: Discuss initial impressions, stages of marriage, non-communication issues, and address misconceptions.

Embark on a journey that numerous couples have found to be a more satisfying, comfortable, private, and cost-effective way to nourish and heal their marriages and relationships.

"Reignite the flame, strengthen the bond – because every couple deserves a retreat into love."

Anticipate the following benefits from a five-day Amore Marriage & Couple's Intensive Retreat:

A deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

A growing sense of peace and security as trust is earned and exercised.

More meaningful and effective communication, fostering relationship growth.

Valuable conflict resolution skills, leaving both partners heard, understood, and satisfied.

A heightened awareness of loving concern for each other.

A shared vision for the future, accompanied by plans to bring that vision to reality.

The ability to deal effectively with past challenges and focus on the present.

Warm and fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy.

Insight into how your marriage/relationship impacts self-esteem and joy in all aspects of life.

Greater ability to deal lovingly and effectively with other family members.

Invest in your relationship with one of the most valuable gifts you can give each other.

The cost of $4,500 includes:

-15 hours of one-on-one guidance and counseling with distinguished Dr. Wylie.

-New life-changing and profound communication tools.

-Numerous opportunities for coaching by Dr. Wylie while practicing new skills. Take-home materials, including booklets outlining newly learned skills and exercises for home reinforcement.

-An “Action-Plan” to support your revitalized future together.

-Four follow-up phone sessions after your five-day retreat.

-Inquire about Military discounts and potential Grants to cover part of your retreat.

Your commitment to elevating your relationship to new heights is crucial for success. Dr. Wylie brings her dedication to serving your relationship and marriage to its fullest capacity.

What to Expect:

Consider your five retreat days as a “vacation for your relationship.” Dedicate one week to creating a life-changing experience for you and your partner.

Arrange your own accommodations from the myriad cozy and beautiful Idyllwild lodging experiences. Enjoy the plethora of enjoyable activities during your free time.

For those flying in, the two closest airports are Palm Springs and Ontario. Alternatively, it’s a scenic two-hour drive from Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, or Orange County.

Before your retreat, you’ll receive a pre-retreat form to fill out, helping Dr. Wylie prepare for your personal sessions. This step allows you to clarify your intentions and desired outcomes from the retreat.

A Day at the Marriage & Couple's Intensive Retreat:

Your first session begins Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. for two to three hours, as we meet and get to know one another. Explore what you’ll be achieving during the week and experience a few new skills to reconnect you both and feel good about moving forward and enjoying your evening together.

Tuesday, start your morning with a hearty breakfast before your 10:00 a.m. session. Feel free to bring snacks for your sessions. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water will be provided.

Meet with Dr. Wylie at Amore Retreat Idyllwild at 10 a.m. every morning for private one-on-one sessions, focusing on your relationship’s unique dynamics.

Spend your afternoon and evening enjoying each other’s company, saving any serious discussions for your sessions with Dr. Wylie. A curated list of fantastic restaurants and fun activities in the charming village of Idyllwild will enhance your retreat experience.

Invest in your relationship today with your time and emotional commitment to create a life-changing experience. Call or text (602)743-4775, or email today to arrange a free phone consultation with Dr. Wylie.

Embark on a transformative journey to strengthen your bond, reignite passion, and build a resilient foundation for your future together. Your love story deserves the Best Marriage & Couple’s Intensive Retreat.